Innkeeper Carrie Yeager

A friend recently asked me, “How did you get so lucky?” I still get a huge smile on my face and feel my heart soar when I think about answering that question. It’s a good story. We all have a good story. The details are in the living of it — the adventures; the surprises; the striving; and maybe, most importantly, the sharing.

I’ve taken a road less traveled, full of adventures and experiences all leading me to my home, Joshua Tree: Rugged and remote, surreal and soulful. It is a collection of artists, musicians, writers, hippies, dropouts, activists, free spirits, and nature lovers. People passing through or sticking around a while, still writing their life story; searching, exploring, connecting, and sharing.

I welcome you to this magical place — to my home — where I hope we can spend some time together and share our stories.

Listen to Carrie’s interview with Sherry Borzo of BlogTalkRadio!

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